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Since 1966 when the PIONEER batch of ladies graduated from Saker Baptist College, to date, Ex-Sakerettes have not ceased to impact the world around them in the most remarkable and varied of ways - as Teachers, Diplomats, Engineers, Lawyers, Magistrates, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Members of the Armed Forces, Police Women, Writers, CEOs, Entrpreneurs, Clergy Women, and remarkable Home Makers, to mention just these fields of work. 
Here are the stories of a few such WOMEN OF SUBSTANCE!
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Committed to beaming the spotlight on Saker Baptist College Alumnae who are making their light shine across the WORLD!


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Musmark is a cozy 15 room Christian Guest House situated in Lavington, an exclusive suburb of Nairobi, about 5 km from the central business area. Musmark is an oasis of tranquility, marked by the beautiful gardens and lawns, and spacious grounds. It is an ideal place for travelers to rest, refresh and unwind.
Who would have "thunk" it?! Evidently, Dr. Lilian Tendo Wambua (whose C.V. is 8 crammed pages long - I beg your pardon!), didn't just envision it all, she transformed her vision into REALITY! The kind, warm and generous person that she is took precious time out of her busy schedule, to tell her life story based on a few questions I emailed to her. Here, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that AMAZING story, in her own words. It is a compelling read, I can assure you!

I was born in Banso Baptist Hospital in Kumbo, in 1952 on October 26th. My father was teaching with the Presbyterian Mission there and that is where we lived. I have no childhood memories of our stay in Kumbo town since I must have been very young. My parents then moved to Mbengwi and that is the village that has my earliest childhood memories. I must have been about 4 years when we moved there.

​I started primary school in 1959 in a village in Momo Division called Mbemi. It was a Presbyterian primary school and my father was the HM (head master of the school). I used to be called the head master’s daughter and I felt very good about that. There were no kindergartens in those days, but we had the entire village as our play ground: climbing trees, fishing and swimming in the rivers, fetching fire wood, eating wild fruits and catching grasshoppers and termites, gardening, picking mushrooms from the wild. I learnt a lot about nature through observation and tales. I was among the youngest girl in the class. I had classmates who had reached puberty, and we also learnt a lot from them.

In 1962 soon after independence of 1960, my father was recruited as a district officer, but since he had developed fish farming as a hobby, the colonial administrators decided that he heads the inland fishing department in West Cameroon. As a result, we moved to Bamenda, and I continued schooling in Presbyterian School in Aziri from standard 2 till class 7. We were the first to convert from standard to Class 7.  
I did the common entrance and did not do so well. My score was 124. My first choice of secondary school was Presbyterian Secondary School in Kumba, and the second choice was Saker Baptist College. When my older sister, Maragret Tendo Besong heard of my choice she was not happy and then requested Miss Schultz the Principal of Saker to interview me privately. She had earned the reputation of a good student so it was easy convincing Miss. Schultz. My mother accompanied me for the interview, and I was happy that I was admitted to join Saker Baptist College on the 11th of September 1965. This was a memorable date for me and I longed for that day. I longed for that day, checking my shopping list daily and taking note of what had already been bought and what was yet to be bought. 

Then the day finally came and we took the longest car drive in my life and we went to Victoria. I marveled at the forest around Kumba, then a view of the sea from Mutengene, the oil palm plantations, finally Victoria and then down beach. I loved everything I saw but for the heat. In Saker I had my own bed, but was too scared to sleep in it alone. When I met my classmates I knew I was the most dumb girl in the class, but I decided to work hard, and was happily surprised when the first term results came out and I was leading the class. I decided I will maintain that position by hard work. By God’s grace, I never went below 3rd position for my 5 years in Saker.

The London GCE ‘O’levels result came out and my father came happily to announce the results to me. I had passed in 8 subjects and was ready to go to CASST Bambili for the ‘A’ levels. In September 1970 I moved to Bambili and decided to abide by the values of SBC because this was a good way to live. I graduated from there in 1972 and in August traveled to Yaounde to do the French course required for anglophones who wanted to pursue studies in the University of Yaounde. 

I enrolled in the Faculty of science and broke the record by being the first girl, and the third Anglophone who had passed at the first trial in the faculty of science. The first was late Dr.Johnson Ayafor, the second was a gentleman whose name has just escaped my mind, and then me. The following year I passed the entrance exam into CUSS and graduated in 1979 with a doctorate degree in medicine “ Mention Bien”.
I got married the year before graduation to a prince charming from Kenya in 1978. God blessed us with three lovely boys and I decided to concentrate on raising a family until late Prof Anomah Ngu asked me why I was not pursuing further studies and get specialized? He encouraged me and I applied for a scholarship and came to the University of Nairobi to study Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I chose this field because there was no female gynecologist in Cameroon then, and the general attitude was that it was a field reserved for men only. So, from 1986 to 1989, I was in Kenya pursuing specialty education. I moved back to Cameroon in September 1989, and was lucky to be taken into the newly opened Reference Hospital in Ngousso, where I was privileged to work with Prof. Anderson Doh.
In 1995 I had an appointment with the African Medical and Research Foundation, an international NGO based in Nairobi Kenya to direct an Adolescent Reproductive Health program covering three countries in East Africa: Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Tanzania. I worked in this position for 6 years and then was invited to start an HIV prevention program with Compassion International as a consultant. I worked with them for 30 months and then moved to World Relief another Faith Based Organisation, as the Africa Director for HIV. We gave technical support to several local churches and organization on HIV prevention within several countries in Africa; these were Burkina Fasso, Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi. In 2008, I decided to quit working full time and just be the master of my time, and take up assignments when I felt like it. 
By the way, all three "men children" are out of the nest and thriving on their own, and we thank God for that.


NOW, as far as the QUALITY QUAILS Agro-Business is concerned, I was introduced to quails in 2007 while visiting Cameroon. My sister asked me if I had ever seen quails? I told her that I had only read about them in the Bible and have no idea what they look like. She invited me to go see her friend in Etougegbe who was rearing quails. We took some eggs and the meat home and I tasted them and they were good. She encouraged me to try and keep some in Kenya. 
I took her advice and stared to look for the breeding stock. After a long search I finally obtained the breeding stock from Cameroon after all the lengthy bureaucracy both in Kenya and in Cameroon. I imported about 1000 eggs but only obtained 350 hatchlings. I learnt on the job how to breed quails and now I am the reference point for quail farming in Kenya. This month I was invited by the Livestock Department of Kenya to share my experience on quail farming with staff from their ministry. They are referring to quails as emerging livestock.
At a diner table with colleagues at work one of them suggested the name quality quails and we adopted it and have patterned it. So today we have about 4 years experience in quail farming. We supply quail eggs and meat to major supermarkets hotels and restaurant in Nairobi. We have developed a DVD to teach other upcoming farmers on quail farming. We want quails to be a household source of protein to families, considering that they are less labour intensive and the birds are quit hardy. God gave them quails and not turkey or ostriches. One quail well roasted just satisfies any further need of meat. God always gives the best to His children. He gave them quails!!!
Dr. Lilian Tendo-Wambua is pictured first from right, (squatting), with her fellow Ex-Sakerettes in CCAST BAMBILI, 1971
Dr. Wambua (far left) in Form 3 SBC, at her older Sister Margaret Tendo Besong's 1967 Graduation.
(Also pictured are Mr. & Mrs. Fonjong, (Far right and next to Dr. Wambua respectively). Mrs. Tendo (mother of the grad is to her right, and her aunt, Mrs. Ijan Tendoh is to her left.
With a classmate at CUSS, 1974
Graduating from CUSS in 1979 with fellow Ex-Sakerette, Dr. Beri Dimla Ngong.
I have been in community health for more than 15 years and when we traveled to remote place, have a decent guest house was always a problem. Besides that even the big hotels could be very boring and monotonous. So I thought of a starting a guest house where those who do not like the pomp of 3, 4, 5 star hotels could have a clean bed, towel and freshly cooked personalized could stay. At the time, there were just about 3 guest houses in Nairobi. Today, there are very many guest houses. We started it in 1999. We have remained small and have kept several of our clients for many years.  


Big Challenge!! But with Christ we are global citizens. I chose to do my post graduate studies at the UNIVERSITY OF Nairobi so as to have the opportunity of getting to learn the way of the people I am married to. East Africans are generally more reserved than West Africans. 
The food in Kenya is monotonous. Cameroon is known for her varied cuisine. East Africa has three staple foods: maize and beans, rice, potatoes and chapatti. It is so hard to make a menu. All house managers who have lived in West Africa know the challenge of making a menu in Nairobi. My mother in law ate maize and beans daily from age two till her departure to glory at the age of more than 90 years. Plantains and yams are a rare delicacy.
You visit people on invitation, even close friends. You cannot just surprise people the way we do in Cameroon. You do not stop by unannounced. I had to learn this the hard way. You do not always say the things as they are in black and white. You have to learn to cloth the words if you do not want to shock people. 
But as a Christian, I have learnt to appreciate Christian friends dearly. They make good company since we have same basic life principles as stipulated in the Bible. Christian friends have come to mean so much to me because I feel safer in their company, since we have the same values and destination.
Systems are in place and if you really want to do things right you the systems are there to follow and are explicit. For example, there is a clear system in place so that when I was importing the quail eggs from Cameroon it was straight forward. In Cameroon, our systems are blurred and this gives room for greater opportunities for corruption. 


Systems are in place and people are willing to help you do what you want to do. For example, if you want to set up a business, there are clear guidelines and the offices setting policies actually help you move on. 


I stopped formal work in 2008. So I wake up, have devotion with my husband, do some exercise, then have a good shower. Next, I have breakfast with my husband, check on the quails ( incubator, hatching dates, feed, record of egg production, orders,); then I check my email and do my correspondence. Some orders are made vial email. Go to town if 
need be. Have my lunch at home. I do not like eating in restaurants because I am particular about what I eat; I try to eat healthy. Visit my friends on appointment. I facilitate a Church based Bible study on Wednesdays, so I try to be in Nairobi on Wednesdays. 
We have a farm in our Rural home some 2 hrs drive from Nairobi and we go there at least once every two weeks. We grow fruits: papaws, mangoes, sweet melons, and water melons. We also keep most of the quails away in the village because the climate is more conducive for them. It is warmer there than in Nairobi. I enjoy exercising productively: I do not just want to go to the Gym and burn calories. I would rather burn calories doing some physical work that is productive, like gardening or visiting. I enjoy walking around in my neighborhood in the evenings or mornings.
I do consultancies in Health development from time to time. 


Farming and Gardening. Research. I like trying out new things. I used to sew but I am getting lazy sewing these days.


I have been thinking of going back into some form of health Care service. I am still seeking guidance from the Lord to start training for health care providers on delivering Health Care for the older generation. As I am within that age bracket, I see lots of gaps in Africa, (Cameroon, Kenya etc ) in Primary health care for the older people. 
I would also like to expand my bird farming: I am thinking of breeding ducks, but not like the ones we saw in New Town Victoria or Abakwa drinking from the drainage systems (gutters). I may also try ostrich farming/ my dreams are many, and this is of great concern to my husband, who says he is sometimes at a loss following up my dreams. I thank God for his constant support.
Celebrating 50 Years of GOD's Goodness with her sisters!
"Back in the day"! With Friends, Liengu Litumbe Martin, (far left), and Pauline Litumbe, (Center), 1970
If you want to reach Mrs. Attere, aka "Sister Christy", your best bet is to try to call or email her before 7 a.m., - even on weekends, because, after that time, she will be "up and about" and totally incommunicado!! Why? Because she is a modern day replica of the Biblical "DORCAS", who spends practically every waking hour of her life, attending to the needs of family and community. That's why! Even when you do manage to get her on the phone, you can tell she is making a gargantuan effort to give you her undivided attention because she would invariably have two cakes baking in the oven to be taken to some widow's house, a pot of ndole simmering away to be taken to a wake somewhere in town, and fish roasting along in the oven, because so-so-and-so is having their child baptized and she does not intend to show up at the reception "empty-hand"!! I am well past counting how many times I have had to compete with the background "SWEEEEEESH" of sizzling onions in a frying pan when I call to find out what she's been up to "lately"! From time to time, she would send me emails or pictures that talk about the work she is doing; So, why have you heard little - if anything at all about her "deeds" before now? Because the subject of the email would always say "FOR YOUR EYES ONLY"! Well, my eyes have decided that they need "company", so they are cordially inviting yours to join them in discovering what makes this "POWER HOUSE" cum "GENTLE GIANT" tick.
Quite a Riveting story about a "WOMAN NO REST", who entered Saker Baptist College in 1964 and graduated in 1969, spending a good part of her last year there, touring Canada and the United States as a member of the world famous Cameroon College Singers, and who is moving mountains - from that Milwaukee residence of hers, to secure funding for the construction of - GUESS WHAT? A BRIDGE back home in SOPPO - LYKOKO!! (Chaaaaach!!!) 
*See TRIUMPHANT update further below, at the end of this article!
My mother, Christiana Attere, is a highly motivated, inspiring Cameroonian woman who has a strong love for her country Cameroon and for Africans in general. As a resident of Milwaukee, WI and a proud co-founder of the Milwaukee African Women’s Association (MAWA) she strives to support women and achieve social and economic strength in the community. Mrs. Attere created MAWA as a continuation of the work that she did while living and working in Kenya. Her goal for MAWA was, and still remains, to bring African women together to support one another, promote African culture in Milwaukee and its surrounding areas, and to encourage African women to volunteer time and energy in their community. In the larger African community, she encourages immigrants to give back to their communities, attend community events and make their voices heard so that their needs are met.
Mrs. Attere is currently the Outreach/Volunteer Manager at the Pan-African Community Association (PACA). Besides her work she identifies volunteer opportunities for herself and MAWA such as delivering food to ailing refugee and immigrant women, preparing complimentary meals for new refugee families and taking new refugee families to necessary grocery and essential home purchases. She additionally acts as an unofficial mentor to young Cameroonian women and plays the role of outreach coordinator for CamComm, the Cameroonian Association in Milwaukee.  
In order to spread a love for Africa and Africans in the Milwaukee metropolitan area, Mrs. Attere has initiated and organized events such as the annual International Women’s Day (IWD) event where she has brought together women of various ethnic groups to celebrate the achievements and look into the concerns of women all over the world. This further corroborates the valuable practice she acquired from Cameroon where, every year, women come together to celebrate IWD.

Mother & Daughter:
Mrs. Liliane McFarlane (left), & Mrs. Christy Attere (right), at Women's Day Celebrations in Milwaukee. (2012) 
I graduated from Saker armed with all the teachings about how to live life according to the word of God. I am grateful for this knowledge because it has guided me throughout my life were the lessons learnt in Saker out of touch with reality? I don’t think so although some people might think otherwise. Many of us stayed out of trouble for a long time because of these lessons and the benefits are immeasurable.
I got married to my “Prince Charming” from Benin Republic in 1976. We met at the University of Yaounde. The faculty of Science showed me “pepper” as we say because I repeated the first year and also the second year unlike girls like Sally Jing, Lilian Tendo….etc. In those days very few girls completed their studies without repeating an exam or class. When I had to travel to Ibadan with my family, I requested for my transcripts but of course, that was a big joke. I did not get the transcripts and as such I started all over in Ibadan and had my degree, a B.Sc. Botany, at the end of three years of studies. I never had the opportunity to use this knowledge due to the numerous transfers (and the need for a work permit in Kenya). After a lot of prayer, I decided to join my husband in his Catholic faith so that our children would not have to choose between my Presbyterian faith and his. My husband and I have been separated for 10 years due to irreconcilable differences. I thank God for the time spent together and the wonderful 3 children God gave us. They are all married. I have 2 American daughters-in-law, a Jamaican son-in-law and 2 grand-daughters. How diverse can a family be? Diversity brings richness in culture so I embrace my diverse family. I am proud, in a positive way, that when I meet people they speak very positively about my children. I tell them that it is God’s doing and I praise Him for the blessings.
Mrs. C. Attere, (furthest right), with the rest of her singing comrades in 1969
Young Christy Ewusi, (right), with her sisters Elizabeth Ewusi Azeme - RIP, (centre), and Mary Ewusi Shalman, (left).
S.B.C. GRADUATE - 1969
Mrs. Attere with her Children, and her Children's Children!
Mrs. Attere "DISPLAYS" at her older son's wedding in 2010. (E show Ngom'a Wetuli who pass e friend o!)
Please do not fail to spot the 2 other Ex-Sakerettes in the video, Mrs. Dora Ewusi Ngoh, (Class of '77), and her daughter, Dr. Enanga Liwonjo, now Elute-Penda
(Class of 2000)!!! 
Her June 22 1969 Secondary School Leaving Certificate duly signed by Mr. Don Witt, Principal at the time.
The McFarlanes, 
(Daughter Liliane & Son-in-law Dorian)
The Atteres,
Older Son, Jerry & Daughter-in-law, Erin
Mom & Dad escort Son (Jerry) into Wedding Grounds.
I have spent most of my life out of Cameroon. I have travelled widely in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia (Malaysia)…etc. The 20 years spent in Nairobi in a multicultural and international environment provided me with a rich experience which makes it easy for me to connect with people of diverse cultures.

In Nairobi my aunt-in-law and I founded the West African Women’s Association which is still in existence. Their events are high in Nairobi’s social calendar. My family home was open to several children whose parents were in neighboring countries which did not have Kenya’s high standards of education or were unsafe. Many students from Cameroon and visitors to Kenya and the neighboring countries had a welcome place in our home. I thank God for the opportunity I had to be of service. We were very active, as a family in church matters.

When I arrived in Milwaukee I started by volunteering for the Pan-African Community Association (a refugee resettlement agency) before being hired. I love the work I’m doing: serving my community and connecting the newly arrived refugees to the resources available in the city and empowering especially the women since many of them are heads of their households. The men either died in wars or they stayed back in their countries.

I founded the Milwaukee African Women’s Association (MAWA) when a Congolese woman told me about the need for an African women’s organization. MAWA is 3 years old and it is going from strength to strength. We are empowering women and girls of African descent and organizing fundraising events for our projects which include raising funds for the American Cancer Society and the Lupus Foundation. Celebrating the International Women’s Day (IWD) is a fun activity and many other community members, especially Americans, who did not know anything about this celebration, are now happy to join us every year. I thank God for my Cameroonian heritage. We are leaders and people look up to us for leadership skills and they love our culture.

I volunteer my services to the church and organizations e.g. Goodwill Industries and the American Cancer Society. I urge other members of the African community to get involved in community activities and give back. We are blessed to be in this country, USA, which has opened its doors to millions of immigrants like us.

I am a member of the following community associations/committees:

-Black Child Development Institute
-Latino Entrepreneurial Network
-Froedtert Community Advisory Council
-Medical College of Wisconsin Community Advisory Council
-Alice’s Garden (where I grow some vegetables)
 I am active at All Saints Catholic Church where I worship and sing in the choir. The congregation is very diverse and the choir sings very lively songs influenced by the African American tradition. Sometimes we sing African songs and even wear African attire. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to continue singing. Saker Baptist College blessed me with the love of God and singing and I’m very, very grateful to the founders and the teachers who were so committed to their calling.

I’ll end this write-up with this message on a bookmark I received two days ago: “No matter what our attempts to inform, it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides” by Jan Phillips, co-founder, Syracuse Cultural Workers. I pray that someone gets inspired by the stories told in “Sakerpride”.
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The Attere's, Jessica & Frank
(Daughter-in-law and Last Son)
Younger Son, Frank, & Daughter-in-law, Jessica
   NENE AMOGU, (called Comfort Oke in Saker), was born in Calabar , Nigeria and taken to Cameroon when she was four months old. She spent her childhood and teenage years in Victoria, Cameroon. She attended the Basel Mission Girls’ School, Victoria, Cameroon and Saker Baptist College, Victoria, Cameroon (1965 - 1970). She returned to Nigeria in 1971 where she studied and obtained the Nigerian Certificate of Education in Education/Home Economics in 1975 from Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. From 1975 to 1988 she taught in various schools including, Anwar-ul-Islam Secondary School, Ojokoro, Agege, Lagos, St. Teresa’s College, Ibadan, Oyo State, All Saints Private School, Ibadan, Oyo State, and Women Training College, Afikpo, Ebonyi State. She later took a stab at business between 1988 and 1997. 
  While undertaking these various jobs, she began to realize and understand that God’s "call" was upon her to become a full-time, preaching Minister of the gospel. After running away from and "dodging" the call for over ten years, the Hand of God finally led her to fulfill that purpose. She underwent various kinds of training to fit into the particular mould and position God had purposed for her from the very beginning of time. 
  She studied theology at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (University of Jos) Bukuru, Jos where she obtained the Bachelor of Divinity degree, attended a Capacity Building Course for Managers of Women Development in Bagbe, Togo. She also studied at the prestigious Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey where she obtained her Master of Theology Degree (Th.M) in Religion and Society. Finally, she enrolled at the San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo where she obtained a Doctorate degree in Theology (D. Min.).

   In this new field in which God has led her to labour, Nene has served as Coordinator Wisdom Women Foundation, planning and organizing programs for women in the rural areas of Abia State to alleviate poverty and enhance health through skill acquisition and health visits by Doctors. She served as the pioneer Coordinator of the Women’s Desk of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, from 2000 – 2005 where she Coordinated women’s work in the whole country. She organized, planned and executed capacity building and leadership training programs for Presbyterian women. She planned and executed social action programs with women to help alleviate poverty, such as investing in Garri processing machines for the rural South Eastern States and Rice processing machines for women in Abande, Benue State. She organized, planned and executed two International Conferences for Presbyterian women in Abuja and Port Harcourt in 2002 and 2005 respectively with over three thousand women attending in 2002 and over five thousand women in 2005. There were Presbyterian women from over seven countries represented at these conferences, from the United States of America, Canada, Scotland, the Netherlands, Malawi, Ghana, and Cameroon. She initiated, raised funds, designed and printed the “Jubilee” uniform that the Women’s Guild of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria wear today. Nene is a member of the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians, and also sits on the Board of the International Leadership University of Africa based in Nairobi, Kenya and Harare, Zimbabwe. Currently Nene is the Coordinator of the Presbyterian Succour Foundation; an NGO of the church that sees to the social aspect of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. She is the Moderator of Abuja Central Presbytery and pastors a small Congregation in Mpape, in the outskirts of Abuja.
   Nene’s hobbies include, Cooking, Reading, Gardening and Sight-seeing. Nene is married and her husband is an Agricultural Economist who has traveled the world and though he is retired from Nigeria’s Civil Service is currently an Agricultural Consultant with the World Bank and other International Agencies. God graciously blessed them with five children whom He has blessed in various professions as Lawyers, Engineers, Political Scientists and Financial experts. She and her husband are grand-parents to four boys and three girls.
  Nene acknowledges and appreciates God’s hand that has directed and ordered her steps as she reported in the “Thank You Saker” Magazine and returns all the glory to the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the I AM THAT I AM, the only true God, the OMNIPOTENT, OMNISCIENT and OMNIPRESENT GOD. She awaits the Second Coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and prays to remain faithful to the end.

One of the many books she has written. A MUST READ IF YOU ASK ME!!
Working to improve the plight of women is her passion. 
At the Church in MPAPE, 
(an impoverished area on the outskirts of Abuja), a congregation which she is literally building from the ground up!

THE AMOGU FAMILY: (From Left to Right)
Daughter, Mrs. Chidinma CHIDOKA (Lawyer & Owner of a Photo Studio, Mother of 3);Husband, Elder Amogu (Agricultural Economist);
Last Child, Amarachi Amogu (Political Science Grad);Son-in-law;Second Daughter, Mrs. Ifeoma Anigbo (Political Science Grad, Mother of 2):
Daughter-in-law;Sis Nene;
First Son, Dr. Okechukwu, Amogu (PhD in Environmental/Water Engineering)

ABOVE LEFT: January 12 2012, She forgoes her long awaited and much anticipated trip to Limbe for the Golden Jubilee, to be the lone representative of all ExSSANS at Sis Chichi Ukenye-Lawal's funeral in Umuanya! She made the LONG & RISKY TRIP, and MADE SURE SHE WAS DRESSED IN THE JUBILEE UNIFORM!! Greater Love hath no Sistah than this oh!!
This definitely gives a whole new meaning to the epithet "WOMAN OF THE CLOTH"!!
​ Nene has attended and participated in various conferences within and outside Nigeria including Africa Forum on Religion and Government (AFREG) Conferences in Limuru Kenya, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. She attended Seminars on International Feminist Theologies, in San Anselmo, San Francisco, Yale, and Connecticut in the USA, as well as in Geneva. She also has attended International Leadership programs in Nairobi, Kenya and Harare, Zimbabwe. Nene represented the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria in the Pre-women Assembly Conference; the 24th Council of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, (WARC) in Accra Ghana; the Viva Network International Conference on Children at Risk, in Nairobi, Kenya; the Pre-women Assembly conference and the 8th General Assembly of the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC) in Yaounde, Cameroon; the Church-wide Gathering of the Presbyterian Women, PC(USA), in Louisville, Kentucky; and at the Christian Women Fellowship of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon Conference.
  By the special grace of God, Nene has written and published four books including “Coming into the purpose of God”, “The Reformed Liturgy; A discourse for the shaping of a Missional Church”, “Women in Church Ministry; a Manual for developing effective leadership in the Church” and “Re-reading Proverbs 31 as God’s vision for Womanhood”. She wrote the Bible study manual “Labourers together with God” for the Presbyterian Women from 2000 to 2006 and edited a book “The Women’s Guild – The Journey So Far, 1952 – 2002”. She is a contributor in the book “Religion and Governance in Africa edited by Dr. Delanyo Adadavoh. Her Doctoral thesis is titled “Towards a Political Theology for the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria; an African Woman’s Perspective”. 

She has, indeed, attended a lot of Conferences around the world, including one chaired by Nigeria's Former First Lady, Late Mrs. OBASANJO. (Top, Left)
I have known tall, slender and naturally built-like-a-model-&-athlete MUKE, (she's both and more, by the way!), for 36 plus years, so anyone would expect writing a little "something" about her, to be a piece of cake for me. Well, IT IS NOT! And that is because her versatility, her ability to take on just about any and every thing under the sun and excel at it, just makes it so very difficult to encapsulate or condense her life into a few lines or paragraphs. Her life is so MULTI-FACETED, it makes the head spin, and it is an uphill task to keep up with her various exploits; Try, and you invariably wind up out of breath, (exhausted actually), and still a couple of steps behind! Mark you; she is no "late bloomer". She has been a "JILL OF ALL TRADES AND MISTRESS OF ALL" for as long as I have known her: From her Mango/Coconut plucking and OSSUCS/Inter-House Competition days in Saker, to her Sports Prefect Campaigning days in CCAST Bambili uptil her more recent "Golden Stints" as the Publisher of ASPIRE Magazine, her 8 solid years at MICROSOFT, her current position as Public Relations Director at the Central Bank of Nigeria, in Abuja, and as of this year, Movie Producer and Actress! I certainly would be remiss if I did not mention the PHILANTHROPIC side of this "SISTAH" who has done tons of charity work worldwide, but particularly with the EPHPHATHA SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF in Kumba, Cameroon, and the DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA (DSAN), where she has been a TRUSTEE for the past 4 years! Most people who read her EXTENSIVE & DIVERSE Resume, would expect her to be a "celibataire sans enfant", (single, with no children), assuming that a person who wears so many hats, - (Did I mention that she is the President of ExSSA-UK as well?), - would not be able to handle the pressures that emanate from juggling home and career. Nothing could be further from the truth! She has been married to Mr. Rupert Loader for close to 15 years now, and she has always made him, her 3 boys, and their Reading U.K. home her top priority, shuttling back and forth between Nigeria and Great Britain - on 4 inch heels, I might add, attending the "kid's" soccer games, and vacationing with them. Her schedule really does revolve around theirs; not the other way around!
Take a look at the heights to which this Masters in Development Economics holder has risen; consider the circles in "High Places" she has pretty easy access to, and you might expect her to be uptight and snobbish. Not "Mama Muke"! She has, so REFRESHINGLY, remained the same FUNNY, VIVACIOUS, WARM, UNASSUMING and WITTY person she has always been, to the point that it is easy to forget her many extraordinary achievements over the years, till you read the Magazine and Newspaper reports, see the trophies and awards she has won - or just GOOGLE her name! I'll just let the pictures and clips tell the rest of the story, or actually, the FRACTION of it that this page can contain. 
Here is Celine Loader, (above), on one of her multiple philanthropic visits to the EPHPHATHA School for the Deaf in Kumba, Cameroon,
and then, here she is, (below), with the likes of Kate Henshaw, Genevieve Nnaji, Mr. "GQ" Mokeme, D'banj and PSquare who are the Creme de la Creme of Nollywood and Naija Entertainment!
Celine- Family Woman. Devoted Wife & Mom!
Yep! It is, in fact, Celine E. Loader you see in the pictures with Cedric The Entertainer, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and Naomi Campbell ...
... and it is the very same MUKE below, with her class of '81 SBC Classmates in Coventry, England, (May 2012), with me, & our other "Naija" Sisters in Abuja (July 2012), and with more Class of '81 Classmates at SBC itself, during the Golden Jubilee Celebrations, (January 2012)!
(As published in the January 2007 Special Edition of the "ExSSAN JOURNAL")
Addressing the Wedding Guests.
From: Gretchen Smithwick 
Sent: Friday, April 26, 2013 12:55 PM
Subject: EWB-USA Program Adopted by Chapter - Cameroon, Soppo Likoko (U of IL, Urbana-Champaign)

Dear Soppo Likoko Community Members / Cream City Chapter (Milwaukee, WI) of the Links Incorporated / Global Health Dialogue,

Congratulations! The University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Chapter of EWB-USA has been approved to partner with your community on your approved EWB-USA program. This is now an official EWB-USA program and you may begin planning the first assessment trip with this chapter. Attached you will find the application submitted by the chapter, which will give you a brief introduction to their background. I have copied you on another e-mail which was sent to notify the chapter.

Communication with the EWB-USA Chapter
From this point on, the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Chapter of EWB-USA will be your primary point of contact for this project. Kevin Anderson and Marika Nell are the projects leads and will be your main contact people within the chapter. They are also copied on this e-mail. I suggest you get in contact with each other as soon as possible to begin discussing the background of the first proposed project and to prepare for the first assessment trip. Although the majority of your communication should be directly with the chapter, you can always contact me if you have any questions or need clarification.

First Assessment Trip
The purpose of the first assessment trip is to gather sufficient information to allow the chapter to a) assess the economic, social, environmental and technical viability of the project b) assess project sustainability; the potential for the project to last long-term, c) make a “go/no go” decision about continuing with the project, d) enable future design and analysis of the proposed infrastructure at the site and e) serve as baseline data for monitoring and evaluation of the project in the future.  

Congratulations on this exciting news and best of luck to your community and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Chapter of EWB-USA.

Sincerely,                                                                                         Engineers Without Borders USA
                                                                                                    4665 Nautilus Ct, Suite 300      Gretchen Smithwick                                                                              Boulder, CO 80301
 Project Coordinator                                                                             Direct Line: XXXXXXXXXX
                                                                                           | Facebook | Twitter 
The Introduction to this Article about Mrs. CHRISTIANA EWUSI ATTERE posted above ends with the following lines:  

"Quite a Riveting story about a "WOMAN NO REST", who entered Saker Baptist College in 1964 and graduated in 1969, spending a good part of that last year there, touring Canada and the United States as a member of the world famous Cameroon College Singers, and who is moving mountains - from that Milwaukee residence of hers, to secure funding for the construction of - GUESS WHAT? A BRIDGE back home in SOPPO - LIKOKO!!"

Well then! The "mountains" HAVE been moved as the letter below clearly indicates!!!
God Bless You for working tirelessly to improve the plight and living conditions of others.
CONGRATULATIONS are very much in order here!!
RIGHT: July 12 2012, The Monjimbo Ladies are treated to a "Photo Shoot" at Daughter Chidinma's Posh Photo Studio! (What a Treatl!!)
Dear Colleagues!
We cordially invite you to Düsseldorf for the 64th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Neurosurgery (DGNC) held together with a Friendship Meeting with the Chinese Neurosurgical Society (CNS) from May 26 to 29, 2013.

Our society’s meeting will focus on:
Pituitary and Skull Base Tumors
Aneurysms: Pathophysiology and Prognosis
Neurooncology: Treatment of Metastases and Recurrent Gliomas
Spine: MIS – Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery, Trauma and Tumors

The latest results of research, the most reliable diagnostic procedures and the current treatment strategies shall be presented and discussed. The Annual Meeting 2013 will be a display of scientific progress as well as a forum of continuing medical education. You are invited to present your results together with our society’s members. We especially encourage young researchers to present their latest scientific results. In addition, keynote presentations by outstanding scientists and surgeons will highlight new developments and trends in core areas of Neurosurgery.

Now, Back to the story! In all the Convention "Munyenge", I did take all these pictures of her, but never got around to asking her - or anyone else, what Branch of Medicine she practiced, so I hadn't the faintest inkling until April 18 of this year, when Hannah posted the following message on Face Book, which I managed to read to the end - before I leaped right out of my chair and attempted a cartwheel!!

Sincere Thanks
I am using this opportunity to thank our God for His profound LOVE and FAITHFULNESS.
I hope u all remember the Research programme that sapped me of all strength, Energy and time and Our God used Psalm 90;17 to strengthen me up.
U all wouldn´t imagine! Out of the Research, I have 3 publications and 2 of these were selected to be presented at the Annual International Congress of the Neurosurgical Society of Germany, holding this year from the 26th to 29th of May 2013 in Dusseldorf. In this annual congress, new findings in Neurosurgery of that year get presented. With a heart full of gratitude to God and all who remembered me in their prayers, I recite Psalm 108:3-5  

Well, knowing she would have her hands full with the Conference, I decided to just do some research of my own and here's what I found: The Invitation to participate in the Conference which spells out the Topics to be treated, and then the Actual Dates, Times and Locations of Dr. Ngando's Presentations, as well as the Listing of Authors that includes her name!! TAKE A LOOK!
To be totally and utterly frank and honest with you, if I were present at some gathering somewhere and a Neurosurgeon was announced, I would expect the person who would come walking onto the stage to be MALE, MIDDLE AGED, BALD HEADED, very likely WHITE, with thick horn-rimmed glasses, suspenders, and a pair of trousers that didn't quite make it to their ankles; In short, everything that Class of 1993's Student #2614, Dr. HANNAH MASOMBE NGANDO, an accomplished Neurosurgeon, is not!!
 The mother of 3, (ages 12, 6 & 4), was born in Banga Bakundu in September of 1977, attended the Government English Primary School in Bepanda-Douala and entered Saker Baptist College in 1988 as HANNAH NGOLE. She went on to attend Government High School Tiko and the University of Buea before she left for Germany in 1997 where she spent a year taking an Intensive German Language Course in Bochum before embarking on her studies at the Faculty of Chemistry at the Ruhr University of Bochum. From there, she went on to The Faculty of Human Medicine at the Private University of Witten/Herdecke, which she attended from 2001 till 2008 when she graduated. 
Her career proper, began in December of 2008 at the NEUROSURGICAL DEPARTMENT of the STATE POLYCLINIC in Duisburg, Germany. 
I asked her to give me a brief description of what her job entails, and here's what she said, which left yours truly, in AWE!!

"In Neurosurgery, (Nerve Surgery), we carry out operations to cure sicknesses in the central nervous system (Brain, spinal cord) and periphery nerves (Nerves to the Head, Neck, Trunk and Limbs), like Hemorrhages of all sorts, Tumors (Malignant or benign), Malformations of all sorts , Hydrocephalus, Chronic Sicknesses of the Nerves (Parkinsons, Epilepsy, etc = Deep Brain stimulation), Traumas and Emergencies, Pain therapy, spinal disc dislocation, Spinal stenosis etc, in both Children and adults."

​You see, I first met and got introduced to Dr. NGANDO when she attended last year's ExSSA-USA Convention in Los Angeles. By the way, I believe this is just the point at which it would be Okay for me to "digress" just long enough to mention that this "NYANGO DOKITA" attended 3 different GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS, in 3 Different Continents, which I think is another RECORD she set: She was CONSPICUOUSLY PRESENT in LIMBE (CAMEROON), in GERMANY and in L.A. (USA)!!
<AT S.B.C CAMEROON in JANUARY 2012 (6th from Right in hat.)
​GERMANY, JULY 7th 2012
LOS ANGELES U.S.A. August 3 - 5 2012: Picture 1: At the Official Kick Off Ceremony (Center) Picture 2: On the Bus Tour; Picture 3: "KOSSA-ing" at the Gala Nite Saturday (Right); Picture 4: At Sunday Morning's Church Service. (Left)
MAY 27 17:00

Analyse der Größe und Konfiguration rupturierter intrakranieller Aneurysmata unter
Berücksichtigung der internationalen Richtlinien zur Behandlung nicht rupturierter
Aneurysmata – Ist eine Beobachtung gerechtfertigt?

Analysis of size and configuration of ruptured aneurysms under consideration of international guidelines for management of un-ruptured intracranial aneurysms – Is observation justified?
Homajoun Maslehaty, Hannah Masombe Ngando, Athanasios K. Petridis, Martin Scholz

MAY 28 14:10

Anatomische Varianten der Sylvischen Fissur und der Einfluss auf die
Operationsstrategie und das Outcome nach geclippten intrakraniellen Aneurysmata

Anatomical variants of the sylvian fissure and its influence of operative procedure and
outcome after clip occlusion of intracranial aneurysms

Hannah Masombe Ngando, Homajoun Maslehaty, Athanasios K. Petridis, Martin Scholz
23rd July 2011: ExSSA-GERMANY was there to lend their support and encouragement as she and her husband, M. BERTRAND NGANDO, took their vows - "pour le meilleur et pour le pire"!
(The "ETAT CIVIL" had been done in Douala 4e the previous year, on November 12th)
Needless to say, I was ELATED, when, in response to my inquiry as to how things had gone at the Conference she wrote back: 
"Aunty Egbe u can't imagine, it was a great blast! The works have been sent for presentation at the AANS annual congress, holding next year [2014] in San Francisco." TRUTH IS, My Dear Dr. HANNAH MASOMBE NGANDO, I CAN WELL IMAGINE not just this, but SCORES of even more astonishing and grandiose things happening in the course of this Delicate, Life-Saving Career you have embarked upon! 
(Far Left)
If you just muttered "Lucky Guy" under your breath, I don't blame you; Madame is quite the "Golden Fleece"! However, I doubt that The Doc herself would quite agree with you! I say so based on this very telling statement she took the time to append to the C.V. she sent, reposted VERBATIM, right down to the number of exclamation marks typed: "My Husband is not the biological father of my Kids, but he is the best Father and Husband my Kids and I could ever have!!! I am very grateful to God for that!!! U could put this statement on ur Report!!!!!" 
Index of authors

Nadji-Ohl M. DI .10.02
Nagel L. MI.16.09
Nägele T. MO.14.02
Nakagawa J. M. P 074
Nakamura M. DI .11.07, P 083, P 086
Naraghi R. MO.08.01, MO.14.01
Naros G. P 045, P 049
Neidel J. MO.04.06
Neidert M. C. MO.06.05, MO.11.02,
MO.14.03, MO.14.04,
MI.10.06, MI.11.01,
MI.12.01, P 014, P 015,
P 104
Nemes A. MI.15.07, P 139
Nensa F. P 060
Neppel I. DI .10.02
Nettekoven C. MO.10.03, MO.10.06
Neubauer B. A. MI.15.02
Neubert J. P 068
Neulen A. MI.11.04
Neumann H. P. H. MI.01.08, MI.13.10
Neumann J.-O. MI.16.01
Neuschmelting V. MO.10.03, MO.10.06,
MI.05.01, P 095
Ngando H. M. MO.16.01, DI.12.02
Ni M. P 014
Ni T. R. MO.19.03
Niemann L. DI .06.08
Nieminen M. MI.07.02, MI.13.01
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HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT UHURU KENYATTA visits Dr. WABUA'S stand at the National Exporter's Forum in Nairobi - Kenya
Reverend Sister Jackie Atabong's Silver Jubilee!
Celebrating 25 Years Of God's Abundant Love & Fidelity.
Ahead of the Celebration to mark 25 Years of her Consecrated Life which is scheduled to take place 11th of April 2015 at the All Saints Parish in Mutengene, we wish to CONGRATULATE her and wish her the very best as she continues to live out the VOWS she solemnly took 25 years ago. If her track record so far is anything to go by, then the world is poised to be mightily blessed!!
(See a recount of just the Prison Ministry part of her work on this website @
(Thanks Marion & Pat for the Pics!)
MS GWENDOLINE MESEMBE (#2924; Class of 1995 )
FOUNDER & CEO @ VEENNER (A social media platform)
In December of 2016, we all rejoiced over the fact that CLASS OF 2001's KOUBE NGAAJE, then DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS at the ARLINGTON FOOD ASSISTANCE CENTER (AFAC), had been publicly recognized as an "EMERGING LEADER FOR EXCEPTIONAL LEADERSHIP". 
In 2017, she became EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE DISTRICT ALLIANCE FOR SAFE HOUSING (DASH), which, as its name suggests, provides "safe housing & services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and their families as they rebuild their lives in the DC area." 
(Doesn't hurt to remind you about that GOLD MEDAL she won at the UNITED STATES POWER LIFTING ASSOCIATION's contest in 2018!!!)

Well, you didn't think she just spent 2019 sitting on her laurels did you? Nope! In fact, she must have done the exact opposite, working hard enough to be nominated and selected as an honoree of the Black History Month Event Honoring Local Community Heroes in the Washington D.C. Area, in which she received the “Working for the Community” Award on Tuesday, February 25th 2020!!! To read the FULL STORY, please CLICK ON THIS LINK:

KUDOS, Dear KOUBE! As they say out here, Yo MAMA don raise you right! THE BEST IS TRULY YET TO COME!
Molette Green, Koube Ngaaje, Roseline Nzegge Ngaaje (Proud Mama), Leon Harris
Molette Green, Koube Ngaaje, Leon Harris
She was born Lilian Tendo, on October 26 1952, at Banso Baptist Hospital in Kumbo, Cameroon, to the Late Mr. Samuel Yasom Tendo and his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Atam Tendo, the 4th of the couples' 11 children. (No twins in the lot, s'il vous plaît!) To put it bluntly, the chances of a GIRL with 10 other siblings making very much of her life in TODAY's Cameroon are pretty slim; In the Cameroon of the early 50s, I would not have bet a miserly 25 francs that she would go past Secondary or High School at the very best! Astoundingly, and against all odds, what this Lady has been able to accomplish in the three score years since that day when her overjoyed parents first welcomed her into this world is simply REMARKABLE, and that is, truly, putting it very mildly. Being someone who, instead of craving the limelight, cringes and shies away from it, I have to say that it was no mean task to convince her to share her story. I Thank God that she finally has, because it is an extrordinary tale that not just extols the virtues of hard work academically-speaking, industriousness and laser sharp vision, but also underscores this woman's uncanny business acumen!! 
MS KOUBE NGAAJE (Student #4008, CLASS OF 2001)
 In 2018, in Oslo, Norway, CLASS OF 1995's GWENDOLINE MESEMBE founded VEENER, a social media platform with a mission to make it easier for everyone to find new social and business contacts globally. 
It is a Norwegian-based social media platform where people are connected based on their common interests, hobbies and profession. 
Veenner also connects businesses looking to find business partners or employees. 
Veenner's main goal then, is to end the impact of (social) isolation and build a community of togetherness. 

​ It made its competitive grand entrance onto the SOCIAL MEDIA world stage in February 2020, going toe-to-toe with the likes of Whats up, We-Chat and Snap-Chat by launching what is, arguably, the best Chat APP yet, given that it instantly connects you with new people all over the world, whereas every other Chat APP connects you only with your family and friends.

It is designed as a tool to help people make new Friends and Connections.
For Example: If you were moving to New York but didn't know anyone out there, you could use VEENNER to start chatting and making new friends before you ever moved - physically, to New York. 
SO THEN, All your new friends are only a chat away. 

WANNA JOIN? Well, here's how:

GO TO: :

It is also available on GOOGLE'S PLAY STORE and APPLE'S APP STORE:
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Instagram: Veennerofficial
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